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Types of Burns

Different Types of Burns

Cells in our bodies can only function at specific temperatures. Any excessive temperature can induce cell and tissue damage/burn.

The most common types are flame burns, produced by direct contact with fire flames. Because of the extreme temperature, they can be quite dangerous. Flame burns are a common cause of accidental burns at home when clothes catch fire from cooking stoves, firecrackers, etc.

  • Scalds are caused when a hot liquid comes into contact with the skin. These are normally less severe than flame burns, although they can be if the burn area is vast, especially in small children.
  • Strong acids or alkalis cause chemical burns. These cause significant skin and underlying tissue damage and can be fatal, particularly if they affect the face. Chemicals can harm the eyes and cause blindness. These burns are common in industries where these chemicals are used or when criminals use them to harm their victims (acid being thrown on the face of victims).
  • Electrical burns can be caused by touching a live wire, inserting a finger into an electrical socket, or coming in contact with electrified water. Lightning  strikes can cause electrical burns but are fortunately a rare occurrence. When our body comes into contact with an electrical source, it becomes a member of an electrical circuit. There is a point of entry and exit, possibly damaging all the tissue between these two points. As the injury is mainly to the deeper tissues, it may be difficult to assess the degree of damage.
  • Inhaling hot or poisonous gasses can cause inhalation burns. Swelling occurs when the soft mucosa of the mouth, throat, and trachea (air pipe) is injured. This can cause major respiratory problems; the patient typically needs immediate medical attention.
  • Radiation burns can develop due to radiation exposure, the most frequent being sunburn induced by UV radiation.

With adequate safety measures and education, most burns can be avoided. They frequently include women and children and take place at home. Cooking over open flames or stoves poses a serious risk in rural areas. Every house, business, and public space should practice fire safety, and kids should learn to protect themselves from these risks.

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