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Circumcision Surgery

Circumcision Surgery in Delhi

In circumcision, the tissue covering the penile head (glans) is surgically removed. It is a long-standing custom with religious rituals as its roots. Nowadays, many parents prefer to circumcise their sons for religious or nonreligious reasons.

Adults who have tight foreskin and resistant infections may benefit from circumcision. Typically, circumcisions are performed on day patients. Both local and general anesthesia are options.

The foreskin is separated from the penis during circumcision, and any extra foreskin is snipped off. Using a scalpel or surgical scissors, the foreskin is cut away immediately beneath the head of the penis, and the remaining edges of the skin are then sewn together using a dissolvable thread. About an hour is needed to circumcise an adult. In most cases, the circumcision heals in five to seven days.

Dr. Anup Dhir has been doing circumcisions for many years and is a pioneer in this field. He used the most recent laser circumcision procedure, which is more efficient and heals more quickly than conventional techniques.

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