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Anti Ageing Medicine in Delhi

What is Anti Ageing Medicine?

Anti-aging medicine is a clinical specialty that focuses on the early identification, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, illnesses, and diseases using modern scientific and medical technology. It is a healthcare approach that promotes new science and research to increase human longevity.

Regenerative medicine is a field of tissue engineering and molecular biology translational research that replaces, engineers, or regenerates human cells, tissues, or organs to restore or establish normal function."

Anti-aging medicine is relatively popular because people want to appear and feel young. It is a mix of therapies that can help prevent or reverse aging effects, such as medicine, hormone replacement, mineral or vitamin supplements, or lifestyle adjustments.

Anti-Aging Medicine addresses the various elements and difficulties associated with aging, such as menopause/andropause, depression, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, muscle mass loss, and weight issues. The anti-aging medical approach seeks to increase lifespan and healthspan. Anti-aging medicine complements regenerative medicine by utilizing cutting-edge biomedical technology to improve the quality and quantity of human life. 


Anti Ageing Medicine

The following are some features of regenerative medicine:

  • Stem cell treatments attempt to improve the basic biological causes of dysfunctions, illnesses, impairments, and diseases.
  • Therapeutic cloning technology for generating human cells, tissues, and organs for use in both acute care and the treatment of chronic, debilitating conditions
  • Advances in genetic engineering and genomics allow for the discovery and modification of genes to treat dysfunctions, illnesses, impairments, and diseases.
  • Nanotechnology uses micro- and molecular-sized instruments to influence human tissue biology for gross microsurgical healing and microscopic nanobiology for repair at the most fundamental cellular level.

Anti-aging and regenerative medicine developments to improve the quality of life and extend the human lifespan are the most powerful developing biomedical technologies today. 

Diet, exercise, and stress reduction are anti-aging or extend life span by preventing illnesses such as hypertension and keeping a person healthy. Because of their capacity to counteract cellular degradation linked with aging, antioxidants, and hormone replacement are being studied as anti-aging medicines.

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