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Low Libido in Female

A low degree of interest in sexual behavior is referred to as inhibited sexual desire (ISD), hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), or loss of libido. An individual with this illness will typically not initiate or respond to their partner's beginning of sexual activity.

According to studies, low sexual desire is a highly prevalent condition in women, with some estimating that up to one-third of women aged 20 to 60 may be impacted at some time.

Because there is no agreed typical range or frequency of sex, there is no clear description of low sexual desire in women. 

Sexual behavior and desire will also change over one's life. However, if a woman's drop in sexual desire is causing her grief and harming her relationship with her partner.

Unlike males, whose sexual complaints are mostly erectile dysfunction, women's sexual difficulties are more complex and frequently include a combination of physical, hormonal, interpersonal, and psychological factors.

Managing low sexual desire in women may be difficult since it takes both partners' understanding and cooperation.

How to Deal with it?


This can be performed by an andrologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist with relevant experience. Both couples should be counseled together. It should be done in a quiet and comfortable environment. Several sessions may be required for patients and counselors to create trust and understanding so that they may address their inhibitions and anxieties openly. 

Couples should be counseled on how to be more sensitive to and conscious of their partners' sexual demands. They must spend more time together and learn to sexually stimulate their lover. 

There are several techniques to make sex more engaging. To inspire sexual desire, they must reconcile their disputes and demonstrate affection.

Oestrogen vaginal creams can be used to relieve discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. Although many andrologists recommend it, testosterone treatment is not approved in women with reduced sexual drive. 

Some couples might be sexually stimulated by watching romantic films or reading novels with sexual themes.

A happy and successful relationship requires good sexual activity between partners. It pulls a couple closer together, making them feel comfortable and safe in each other's presence. 

As a result of their lack of sexual desire, they may get irritated and furious. This might influence their love and understanding, progressively driving them apart. As a result, it is critical that any signs of reduced sexual desire be identified and treated as soon as possible.

Dr. Anup Dhir is a highly skilled and renowned expert in addressing women's sexual desires. With extensive knowledge and experience in this specialized field, he understands the complexities and nuances associated with female sexuality. 

Dr. Dhir's compassionate approach and deep understanding of the physical, psychological, and emotional factors influencing sexual desire make him a trusted choice. 

He combines his expertise in various treatment modalities, including hormonal therapy, counseling, and surgical interventions, to provide personalized solutions that cater to each patient's unique needs. 

Dr. Dhir's commitment to patient satisfaction, along with his unwavering dedication to enhancing women's sexual well-being, make him a sought-after professional in the realm of female sexual desire. Call for an appointment!

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