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Burn Scars Treatment in Delhi


Burn Scars Treatment

Except for superficial dermal burns, all deeper burns, such as deep dermal and complete thickness, heal through scarring. Scarring can be reduced but not removed by different physical therapy and plastic surgery techniques. Scarring can be hypertrophic, keloid, stable or unstable, pigmented or hyper pigmented, or a combination.

Scars can also become malignant. If early tangential excision and skin grafting are not performed, post-burn scarring is unavoidable in deeper burns. If such wounds are treated with bandages, they heal with contraction, resulting in burn scar contracture. 

When skin is burnt, the surrounding skin pulls together, causing a contracture. If it occurs on a joint surface, it must be treated as quickly as possible since the scar might impede movement around the wounded region and cause problems. 

Most of these patients also complain of itching at the healed burn and split-skin donor sites, necessitating the use of antihistamine medications at least at sleep. The itching must be avoided to keep the patient comfortable and halt the ulcer cycle.

Burn scars can be treated with moisturizing lotions, pressure garment therapy, silicone sheet treatment, silicon gel application, and other methods. The most recent methods include fractional laser therapy of burn scars and fat injection into scars. 

However, if scar contracture impairs joint mobility, it requires excision and skin grafting, followed by rehabilitation. Skin grafting may be required for severe hypertrophic scars that do not respond to previous therapies.

The latest management of post burn scars by fat injections and stromal vascular fraction (SVF) injections is showing promising results as these contain adipocyte derived regenerative cells(ADRC) which reduce the scarring by new blood vessels formation.

Dr. Anup Dhir offers a variety of treatment options, including topical creams, laser therapy, and surgery. He also provides personalized care to patients to ensure they receive the best possible treatment.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon to help you improve the appearance of your burn scars, Dr. Anup Dhir is a great option. He is experienced, skilled, and dedicated to providing his patients the best possible care.

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