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Dr. Anup Dhir

Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Anup Dhir, MCh, Board certified, Past President of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has 38 years of experience and has been working at Apollo Hospital Delhi as a Senior Consultant in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery for the last 29 years and has been a top celebrity cosmetic surgeon & Sexual Medicine specialist of India.

Dr. Anup Dhir specialises in cosmetic & aesthetic surgery of the face and body. He attended Govt. Medical College, Patiala as an undergraduate and received his medical degree from Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India.

Dr. Dhir did his postgraduate residency surgical training at Government Medical College & Rajendra Hospital Patiala leading to M.S. and M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery). He did a clinical fellowship in Plastic Surgery at Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay. He has done a fellowship in maxillo facial surgery from Ludiwigs-Maximilians University Munich, Germany. He has also worked as a British Association of Plastic surgeons sponsored trainee at Plastic, Aesthetic, Hand & Burn Surgery units at Newcastle General Hospital & Royal Victoria Infirmary,Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, UK.


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Why Dr. Anup Dhir?

Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi with 38 Years of Experience.

He is the first Indian Cosmetic Surgeon to be granted membership of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
He has been practising at Apollo Hospital, Delhi, ever since its inception in 1995.
He ensures that the patients receive excellent care and follow-up after the procedure.
He keeps uptodate with the current advances in the field by regularly attending national and international conferences and workshops.
His contribution to the field has been recognised by the medical fraternity and he was awarded Exemplary Contribution Award 2008 by the Indian Medical Association, South Delhi branch.


Over the last 38 years he has helped hundreds of patients gain newfound confidence through cosmetic surgery.


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Discussing new technique stem enriched fat grafting procedure.

Dr. Anup Dhir, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

How long does the liposuction procedure take?

Dr. Anup Dhir, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

How many areas can be treated in one go of the same patient?

Dr. Anup Dhir, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi


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