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Breat Augmentation in Delhi

Breast Implant Surgery in Delhi

Breast implants are surgically inserted during breast augmentation to enlarge the breasts.

Women may seek breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Some women may have tiny breasts due to delivery or weight loss.

Potentially asymmetrical breasts exist. Breast implants may help women feel better about their bodies and have higher self-esteem. The dressing gives them more confidence.

During the appointment, the surgeon will review the size and kind of the implant. The size will depend on your preferences and what is feasible.

There is no proof that breast implants cause breast cancer or other disorders, and they are safe. During the appointment, the surgeon can go into more detail about this.

Procedure of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Anesthesia is used during the process. Incisions beneath the breast, under the armpit, or around the areola will be made by the surgeon.

The implant is put into a pocket that has been made either beneath the breast tissue or beneath the muscle behind the breast. Most patients can go home the next day. They may need to wear a dressing or supportive bra for some time.

Breast Enlargement Post Surgery Precautions

Post-surgery, there may be some restrictions on vigorous activities, such as lifting heavy objects.

Most women can return to work in one week and to normal activities in about 2-3 weeks.

This will also depend on their general level of fitness and the type of job they do.

Pain, infection, visible scars, and temporary or permanent alterations in breast or nipple feeling can all be post-operative problems.

Rarely, the breast's texture and form may alter and cause pain when the tissue around the implant contracts (capsular contracture).

Learn About Breast Enlargement Implant

Saline-filled implants have a slight chance of rupturing. Breast implants have traditionally been spherical and provide volume to the breasts.

Anatomical implants are made to resemble youthful-looking breasts by adding form and fullness. Due to their teardrop form, they have a fuller lower curve with a flatter top curve. Because these implants are more challenging to place, surgeons must have specialized training in this method. Dr. Dhir traveled to Seoul, Korea, for this training in 2013. These implants give breasts a very organic contour.

Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

The newest method for boosting volume is becoming highly popular—taking fat from the patient. Additionally, this has been utilized to reshape or augment the breasts.

Liposuction removes fat from the patient's abdomen, thighs, or buttocks and transfers it to the breast. Following breast reconstruction, it can fill in imperfections and is more natural-looking than implants.

Breasts with silicone implants can also be shaped and given more volume by fat grafting.

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