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Burn Severity and Treatment in Delhi

What is Severity of Burns?

The severity of burn depends on how deep the burn is and how much skin is affected. The degree/kind of the heat source and the duration of contact will all have an impact. Higher the temperature of the source and the longer the contact time, the more the severity of the burn.

First-degree burns - First-degree burns are superficial burns in which the epidermis, the skin's outermost layer, is harmed. The skin may now function normally as a result. These burns may typically be treated at home with basic first aid, and the scars are not permanent.

Second-degree burns: The epidermis, or top layer of skin, is damaged when heat penetrates deeper, resulting in second-degree burns (partial thickness burns). The second layer of skin, the dermis, and the epidermis, begin to separate. Blisters may form when fluid from the dermis builds up within the epidermis. As the seal of the skin is broken, this may lead to infection, loss of fluid, and heat. Nerve endings in the dermis are exposed, causing pain.

Third-degree burns - Third-degree burns, also known as full-thickness burns, occur when the damage to the epidermis and dermis (the first and second layers of skin) is severe enough. There might be blisters. Infection, fluid loss, and heat loss can become life-threatening as the skin's protective layer is destroyed. If the nerve endings are completely damaged, the patient may not feel any pain.

It may be difficult to differentiate partial thickness, and full thickness burns clinically, but both are serious and need medical attention if extensive.

A percentage of the total body surface area is used to measure the severity of the burn damage. The patient's palm represents around 1% of the body surface area from the general public's perspective. Any burn that covers more than 10% of the body's surface area requires immediate medical treatment. 

Even little participation in burns affecting children may require a referral. Burns affecting certain body parts, such as the eyes, and mouth, circumferential burns (affecting the skin surrounding the arm or leg), and inhalation burns require immediate medical attention.

Dr. Anup Dhir has a wealth of knowledge in treating serious burns. He is an expert in all cases of burn care, including initial evaluation and immediate treatment. He specializes in cutting-edge procedures like tissue engineering and microsurgery that help patients restore function and attractiveness.

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