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Sexology and Sexual Medicine

Sexology and Sexual medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of sexual concerns and dysfunctions. It is a highly trained discipline that combines the resources of physiology psychology medicine, and sociolog with clinical sexology in providing sex therapy and counselling to male and female persons with sexual problems.

Sexual dysfunction is defined as the inability of a person or couple to experience and maintain a satisfying and well functioning sex life. Sexual dysfunctions may include premature ejaculation, inability to achieve orgasm, painful intercourse, fear of intimacy or touch, guilt and shame around sexual issues, body image, and lack of sexual desire.

A clinical sexologist focuses on treating sexual dysfunctions and disorders, including common sexual issues such as:

  • Pre-orgasmia: difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Painful or Inhibited Intercourse: including vaginismus
  • Low Sexual Desire:
  • Erectile Dysfunction:
  • Rapid Ejaculation:
  • Delayed or Inhibited Ejaculation

A clinical sexologist will use psychological counselling methods such as cognitive behavioral techniques to identify dysfunctional myths and beliefs surrounding sexuality, sex education and couple’s counselling to empower clients to experience sexuality in a different way.Sexual medicine specialty is concerned with diagnosing, assessing and treating all aspects which relate to sexuality.

Clinical sexology approaches human sexual inadequacy and dysfunction using a variety of tools, of which counselling is just one. Sexology's central approach lies both in the counselling and education of patients as to their sexual selves, and in the practical and direct instruction on how to achieve sexual adequacy and fulfillment.

If you, or you and your partner are suffering from sexual dysfuction,please call for an appointment with Dr Anup Dhir Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM). His expert knowledge and highly trained skill, as both as a clinical sexologist and sexual medicine specialist and Andrologist , enable him to provide you with the most up-to-date treatments for sexual concerns of all kinds.

Get Effective Sexual Problems Treatment
Do you want a permanent solution to your sexual problems? Alpha Impotence is one-stop-solutions for the treatment of the sexual dysfunctions. Our renowned Andrologist and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Anup Dhir makes sure to provide proper sexual therapy and counseling to the patients. If you are residing in Delhi, then you can get immediate sexual counseling, Delhi from our experienced doctor. We carry certifications from the International Society for Sexual Medicine, Delhi that makes us eligible to use cognitive and psychological counseling techniques for treating sexual behavior.

What does Alpha Impotence Provide?
Most of the patients are unable to get satisfied sexual life. Therefore, our clinical sexologist along with sexual medicines provides therapy for treating the dysfunction problems. It includes problems like painful intercourse, body image, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desires, etc. At Alpha Impotence, we provide sexual medicine in Delhi, India, and sessions for treating all aspects of the sexuality. Our best services for patients includes following.

  • Sessions for empowering sexuality
  • Tools and techniques to treat sexual dysfunctions
  • Diagnosis and assessment of sexual disorders
  • Updated treatments for treating sexual concerns

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