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Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi

A woman can be said to suffer from sexual dysfunction, when due to some psychosocial or organic cause she cannot have fulfilling, enjoyable sex. It is broadly of four types.

Desire disorders - When a woman does not have the desire to initiate sexual intimacy with her partner.
Arousal disorders - is when a woman finds it difficult to be sexually aroused by her partner.
Orgasmic disorders - Difficulty, inability or pain in having an orgasm.
Sexual pain disorders - Pain during or after sex.

A large number of women have problems with sex at some point in their relationship. This can be transient, lasting a few days or can become more long standing, depending on the cause. If you are having such difficulties, you should see your andrologist at the earliest so that the problem does not start affecting the relationships.


Physical health – any physical health problem will prevent a women from having a desire in sex. She may be in pain, tired or just does not feel up to it. Medications she may be taking for her health problem may also affect her libido.

Mental health - conditions like anxiety or depression make it very difficult for woman to be interested in sex.

Interpersonal relationship – for good healthy sex it is very important for there to be a good trustful relationship between the partners. If there is any loss of trust, or feeling of hurt it will affect their capacity to enjoy sex.

Social circumstances – If the woman is very busy with her job and comes home very tired she may not feel like having sex. Stress can itself lower libido. Birth of a child may interrupt the sexual relationship, as the women is busy and tired caring for the baby.

This will depend on the cause. It is important to go and see a doctor if you do not feel like having sex or are not enjoying it. He will then take a history and examine you to try and find the cause. Sexual counseling for both partners may be useful. Trying to change the routine and making it more interesting by trying different positions may be helpful. Vaginal creams or lubricants can be tried. Most women, especially as they grow older need more stimulation and foreplay before initiation of intercourse. Most women do not have an orgasm during intercourse just with vaginal penetration. They may need their partner to stimulate their nipples and clitoris for them to be able to have an orgasm. Vibrators may be useful. Other sexual activity like masturbation or oral sex can be tried.

Pain during sex can be due inflammation in the pelvis .There are a variety of causes of pain during sex, so talk with your doctor. He or she can help you find the cause of your pain and decide what treatment is best for you.

Dyspareunia is pain during attempted or completed vaginal penetration or intercourse.

Vaginismus is reflexive tightening around the vagina when vaginal entry is attempted ..If you have gone through menopause or have had your uterus and/or ovaries removed, taking the hormone estrogen may help with sexual problems. If you're not already taking estrogen, ask your doctor if this is an option for you.If you have any of these problems,we have a gynaecologist on our panel to help you .

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