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Penile Implant Surgery in Delhi

What is Penile Prosthesis?

Implants can treat ED when other methods fail or result ineffective. Erectile dysfunction is caused by vascular insufficiency due to illnesses such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and cigarette smoking; neurogenic disorders such as spinal cord damage; surgery or radiation.

Genetic factors and Liver illness due to heavy alcohol consumption. Men with physiological ED are the most likely suited for a penile implant, but if sex therapy hasn't worked for them, men with psychogenic ED may also benefit. A penile prosthesis may be placed during surgery to restore the penis when Peyronie's disease scarring causes erections to bend.

A penile prosthesis does not affect the feeling of the penile skin or a man's ability to achieve orgasm. Ejaculation is not harmed. The prosthesis has excellent satisfaction ratings; generally, 80%-90% of men are delighted with the outcomes and can have satisfactory intercourse.


Penile Implant Surgery

Types of Penile Implants

SEMI-RIGID OR MALLEABLE IMPLANTS are the most basic and are made of silicone rods. They are rigid enough to facilitate entry yet flexible enough to bend. Each rod may have a steel cable or coiled wire going through the center.

These implants are inexpensive because they are essential and easy, with no intricate pieces. The penis is raised into place, i.e., the rods are straightened, to commence intercourse. Because the penis is always semi-erect, it may be more noticeable and must be disguised behind tight pants. The length and breadth of the penis cannot be enlarged with these implants, as in a natural erection. 

INFLATABLE (HYDRAULIC) IMPLANTS are slightly more complex, consisting of two hollow cylinders of silicone or polyurethane available in one, two, or three pieces. The one-piece device comprises a pump on one end and a reservoir on the other. The complete apparatus is implanted in the penis. To achieve an erection, you pump the front of the cylinder, letting the saline solution from the reservoir flow into the hollow rods.

This causes the rods to expand and straighten, resulting in an erection. You may deflate the device at the end of the intercourse by bending the penis down for a few minutes, forcing the fluid to return to the reservoir.

A pump and reservoir are inserted in the scrotum in the two-piece implant. Only the pump of the three-piece device is implanted into the scrotum, while the reservoir is placed in the abdomen.

Inflatable implants have the benefit of more closely mimicking natural erections. The male controls when and for how long the erection occurs. There may also be some improvement in the breadth and length of the penis. When the penis is deflated, it becomes softer and more natural. These inflatable implants are best suited to more dedicated persons seeking a more natural erection.

A tiny cut between the penis and scrotum may be created. Following selecting the right implant size, the doctor inserts the implant components into the two chambers (corpora cavernosa) of the penile shaft, which usually fills with blood during an erection.

Unless the implant necessitates the installation of a reservoir and pump, the procedure is complete. Typically, the penis is taped to the abdomen until the incision heals, and a tube or catheter is placed to drain the bladder.

Although it requires surgery, implants are the last chance for most men who have been carefully studied and unsuccessfully treated with all other choices. They represent a newfound faith in their capacity to perform. After 6-8 weeks, light exercise may be permitted. 

Dr. Dhir is a pioneer in penile implant surgery in India and has performed hundreds of these in the last 25 years or more as the Director of Alpha One Andrology Centre in New Delhi.

Don't let erectile dysfunction control your life. Get back to living your best life with penile implants from Dr. Anup Dhir. Schedule an appointment today!

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