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Butt Lift Surgery in Delhi

Every woman desires full, firm buttocks that give her body a proportional, appealing form. A surgical treatment called Buttock Reshaping changes the buttocks' size, shape, and appearance.


Different Procedures are used depending on the Desired Effect. 

  • With liposuction, the buttocks can be shaped and narrowed.
  • Some people are born with flat or tiny buttocks or may have sagged due to aging, weight loss, or disease. Fat grafting or implants make the buttocks fuller and rounder.
  • The sagging buttocks are elevated and reshaped by removing the extra skin and fat and pulling the skin and tissue together in a treatment known as a "butt lift."

Dr. Anup Dhir is an expert in all these surgeries and has 38 years of experience and even developed personalized treatment strategy plans to deliver desired outcomes.

He uses the most current methods and tools to ensure your process is as secure and efficient as possible.

Dr. Anup Dhir is ideal if you are seeking a trustworthy and skilled surgeon to reshape your buttock. 

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