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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

What is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery involves the restoration of form and function to a damaged body part and building up of normal physical contours when parts of the body such as nose, jaw, ears or fingers are missing or disfigured because of trauma, cancer, burns, birth defects or surgery. For example carpal tunnel surgery brings function back into your hands. Operating on scars after an auto accident restores form and function to skin. Both are specific types of reconstructive surgery.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery Includes :

  • Congenital cleft lip or palate
  • Surgery for congenital hand defects
  • Surgery for hand injuries
  • Cranio-maxillo-facial surgery
  • Surgery for acute burns
  • Surgery for post burn contractures
  • Reconstruction of skin lesions and skin defects
  • Reconstruction of skin loss on leg
  • Reconstruction of pressure sores
  • Post cancer reconstruction
  • Microsurgery
  • Penile implant surgery for impotence