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Penile Widening

Penile Widening

Penile widening can be done by fat injection or by putting dermal-fat composite-free grafts or Alloderm dermal-matrix grafts beneath the skin of the penis shaft. Alloderm is derived from human donor skin and is treated to eliminate all cells, leaving only the dermal matrix. 

Alloderm has been utilized in various surgical procedures, including burn surgery, nasal septum repair, lip augmentation, abdominal wall reconstruction, and breast reconstruction

To expand the girth of the penis, autologous fat injection is performed by performing liposuction to harvest fat from the belly or hip and injecting it into the dartos fascia.

The Alloderm is introduced through the same horizontal pubic incision as the penis lengthening procedure. These two treatments are frequently done together. A second, smaller incision is sometimes performed right behind the glans penis. 

Alloderm is wrapped around the penis shaft beneath the skin in 2-3 layers and fastened with absorbable sutures. Within 4-6 weeks, the Alloderm generally adheres to the penis.

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