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Breast Uplift in Delhi

Breast Lift in Delhi

A Breast Lift operation involves lifting and recontouring sagging, loose breasts. A woman may opt for this surgery after losing considerable weight or losing the volume and tone of her breasts after childbirth. The breast tissue is raised during a breast lift by moving the nipple and areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple) to a higher position and removing extra skin and some breast tissue. This effectively reshapes the breast.

An implant can be inserted underneath your breast tissue or chest muscle to elevate and expand your breasts. A breast lift and augmentation are combined during this operation. A breast lift and reduction may be combined if you want smaller breasts.

Under general anesthesia, the breast lift treatment can be done, and a day in the hospital is required. While wearing a support bra, you will initially be advised to avoid vigorous exercise and lifting heavy objects until the swelling disappears. You will have to take off from work for around two weeks. It may take weeks or months for the temporary loss of sensation in the nipples to go away.

Although some incision lines are still visible on the breast surface, they often disappear and greatly improve with time. Mastopexy has instantly apparent effects, and patient satisfaction often rises with time.


Breast Lift / Reduction

Breast Lift / Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction surgery, often referred to as reduction Mammaplasty, involves the removal of glandular tissue, extra breast skin, and fat to make the breasts more in line with the rest of your body. It helps in reducing the discomfort associated with very large breasts.

Excess breast and fatty tissue are removed during the procedure and performed under general anesthesia. The position of the areola and nipple may occasionally need to be adjusted, as well as the breast. This is crucial, especially if you want to restore your breasts after significant weight loss or aging. The shape can be improved by liposuction.

After this treatment, it would be best to spend a few days in the hospital. You will first be told to refrain from strenuous activity and heavy lifting while wearing a support bra until the swelling diminishes. You'll have to take off around two weeks from work. 

The transient loss of sensation in the nipples may go away after a few weeks or months. Although some incision lines are still visible on the breast surface, they often disappear and greatly improve with time. Breast reduction results are instantly apparent, and with time, patient satisfaction increases.

This treatment is safe for mothers of all ages except young children who are still developing.

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Breast augmentation, reduction, and lifts are some breast-related surgeries. 

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