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Skin Grafting

Skin Grafting

Early skin grafting of burns is a well tried and tested technique and is done all over U.S.A. and Europe and in a few centres in India. The advantages of this technique are :

1. It reduces the chances of getting an infection. Our skin is our greatest defence against infection as it prevents the infecting organism from entering our body. When this skin barrier is lost due to burn, the patient becomes susceptible to infection. The earlier the skin is restored ( by grafting ), less will be the chance of infection.

2. Prevents the formation of contractures and thus deformity. It is specially very useful for burns involving the joints, face and hands.

3. Reduces the hospital stay and is cost effective.

Limitations of this procedure are that it needs to be done in a good set up with good operating equipment and other facilities and the surgeon should be well experienced in this technique. Thus with early skin grafting of burns we can prevent deformity and disability and make the patient mobile and functional soon. This can go a long way in reducing the pain and horror that traumatises a burn patient.