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Male Breast Reduction

Gynaecomastia or man boobs is a common condition that causes boys’ and men’s breasts to swell and become larger than normal. It is most common in teenage boys and older men.It can be unilateral or bilateral. Apart from affecting self-confidence and causing embarrassment, some men and boys may also experience pain in their breasts.

Gynaecomastia can be easily corrected surgically by removing the excess fat and glandular tissue by liposuction & excision. Sometimes the overlying skin may need to be tightened as well. The surgery can be done either under local or general anaesthetic. A small incision is made in the lower half of the nipple area or in the inframammary fold through which the liposuction cannula is inserted. The surgery may take 1-2 hours and if done under a general anaesthetic, you may need to stay in hospital for one night. After the surgery a dressing and pressure garment may be given,which you have to wear for a few weeks.

Minimally Invasive Gynaecomastia surgery
The Pull-Through Procedure is a less invasive way of doing this surgery. The fat and glandular tissue is pulled out through a smaller incision. The advantage of this procedure is that there are less scars & post surgery no drains will have to be left. This will lead to faster healing and less visible scar.

You might need to take a few days off work and avoid strenuous activities for a while. There is a very small risk of infection or scarring in the surgical area.

This surgery is becoming more popular over the years as men realize the happiness and satisfaction of being at ease with their body. All types of gynaecomastia surgery procedures are being done at the Image medical centre.


Mesotherapy is a medical technique devised in 1950’s by a Frenchman called Dr. Michel Pistor. is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment. Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into subcutaneous fat.It is introduced into the mesoderm, the layer of fat and tissue underneath the skin.

The content mixture of the injection varies in accordance with each unique case and specific area to be treated. Mesotherapy injections allegedly target adipose fat cells, apparently by inducing lipolysis, rupture and cell death of fat cells.It is now used worldwide as a cosmetic treatment for ageing skin,fat reduction,cellulite reduction and hair loss. With age, the circulation of the skin decreases resulting in reduction of oxygen and nutrients supply to it. This also results in accumalation of toxins which are not effectively removed by the slowing circulation. This causes the skin to look dull.

Each session takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Local anaesthetic creams are use to make the treatment comfortable. Two to three treatment courses may be needed for best results. Slight redness or swelling in the treated are may be experienced but will settle in 1 – 2 days.Mesotherapy is being done by Dr Anup Dhir at Image medical centre.

Injection Lypolysis

Injection lipolysis is done To reduce fatty deposits in particular areas of the body.

In this technique , a substance phosphatidylcholine ( PPT ) and sodium deoxycholate, into the skin and/or subcutaneous fatty tissue in order to dissolve fat cells. Some treatments also contain vitamins in the injection solution.This melts the fat deposits, which is then eliminated by the body. PPT has been used intravenoulsy for the prevention and treatment of blood vessel blockages by fat particles ( fat embolism )and as a liver protective.What the therapy does do is to enable the fat in specific, individual regions of the body to be broken down and then absorbed by the body's metabolism. The active substance is injected via very thin needles.This treatment may be used are double chin, fat on the thighs, belly and upper arms. This also achieves good results on cellulite.

The number of treatments differs from person to person, depending upon the type of fat, body region and body size. Generally two to four sessions at two months intervals may be required for completion of treatment. Lipolysis is meant for small areas of fat deposit, and liposuction would be a preferred method for larger areas. Your surgeon will be able to guide you.

Many patients develop an inflammatory reaction with itching, burning, redness, swelling and muscular aches but this resolves with time and pain killers. Lipolysis is not a method of weight reduction and is not meant for people who are grossly obese. This technique is useful for effectively reducing fat deposits which are resistant to diet and exercise.Lipolysis as a cosmetic procedure has been used for over a decade and has proved to be safe and effective. Though it is not licensed as a cosmetic procedure it is widely used all over the world.

This procedure should be done by a trained cosmetic surgeon who would be able to provide further information and counselling.This procedure is routinely done at Image medical centre.
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