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Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

As you age,your face sags and looses volume.A facelift can reduce sagging skin on the face and neck, helping these areas to appear firmer and fresher. Your bone structure, heredity and skin texture all play a role in how many "years" a facelift can "remove" and, to some extent, influence how long will it last.This surgery can be done under local of general anaesthesia.

This surgery is done on one side at a time, through incisions that are placed in the hairline, in front of or partially within the ears as well as behind the ears. The incisions are designed to keep the resultant scars as invisible as possible. If needed, tightening of sagging muscles is also performed. The skin is then redraped and excess removed. Most of the scars will be well hidden within the hairline or within the normal lines and creases around the ears.

Patients who do not have a significant amount of excess skin sometimes may be candidates for an endoscopic facelift which is a minimally invasive surgery. Using an endoscope, the plastic surgeon can smooth the skin and tighten the muscles through very small incisions that are easily concealed. Depending on which areas of the face and neck require correction, incisions may be placed in the lower eyelid, upper gum line, beneath the chin or behind the ears.

After facelift surgery, the dressings may be removed on the next day and you may experience temporary skin discoloration and some tightness or numbness in the face and the neck. Healing is gradual, so expect to wait several months for optimal results. Since your skin will remain somewhat sensitive for a few months, protection from the sun, including daily use of a sun block, is essential. You can wear cosmetics shortly after surgery.

Latest advance in facelift surgery is to do a fat grafting procedure to the face at the same time.Restoring the volume of face with fat injection is a very effective procedure.Fat acts as a filler and has your body's stem cells to cause rejuvenation of the skin.Laser skin rejuvenation of the face can also be done after the face lift surgery to improve the results.These surgeries are routinely done at Image medical centre by Dr Anup Dhir.

Breast Implant / Breast Augmentation

Increasing the size of the breasts by surgical insertion of breast implants is called breast augmentation. Augmentation Mammaplasty is typically performed to enlarge small breasts or breasts that have decreased in size after a woman has had children. It is accomplished by surgically inserting an implant behind each breast.Breast implants are safe and there is no evidence to suggest they cause breast cancer or other diseases. Your surgeon will be able to discuss this further at the time of the consultation.

The surgery is done under a general anaesthetic. Three types of incisions can be made for this surgery.Usually an incision is made either under the breast, around the areola (the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple), or in the armpit. A pocket is created for the implant either behind the breast tissue or behind the muscle between the breast and the chest wall.The implant is inserted in the pocket and the pocket is closed.

Following surgery, you will wear a gauze dressing or surgical bra. Post surgery, there maybe some restriction of vigorous activities especially lifting heavy objects. Most women can go back to work in one week and to normal activities in about 2-3 weeks. This will also depend on your general level of fitness and the type of job you do.

The most common of the known risks associated with breast implants is capsular contracture, a tightening of scar tissue around the implant, which results in varying degrees of breast firmness and may cause pain or changes in the breast's appearance. Other known risks include implant rupture (deflation of a saline-filled implant) and temporary or permanent changes in nipple or breast sensation.

Traditionally, breast implants have been round and work by adding volume to the breasts. However a new variety called anatomical of teardrop shaped implants are also now available which give more natural shape to the breasts.

Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation
Fat taken from the patient's own body is the latest procedure for adding volume to the breasts. Fat is generally taken from the patient's tummy, thighs or buttocks by liposuction,processed and transferred to the breast. It is more natural than implants and can also be used to fill in defects post breast reconstruction. Fat grafting can be used in conjunction with implants to add volume & shape to breasts .The fat grafting is a good procedure for correcting the asymmetry in size of both breasts .Dr Anup Dhir has extensive experience in fat grafting and it is being routinely done at Image Medical Centre.

Breast Lift / Breast Reduction

Breast lift or Mastopexy
The breast lift operation is done to raises and recontour the loose and sagging breasts. A woman may need this surgery after losing a considerable amount of weight, or losing volume and tone in her breasts after having children.

This surgery is done under general anaesthesia.The surgeon relocates the nipple and areola (the pigment skin surrounding the nipple) to a higher position, repositions the breast tissue to a higher level, repositions the breast tissue to a higher level, removes excess skin from the lower portion of the breast and then reshapes the remaining breast skin. If you have your breasts enlarged as well as lifted, an implant may be placed behind your breast tissue or chest muscle.

After the surgery, gauze dressing and a surgical bra may be given.i. A supportive bra is usually recommended for several weeks following the surgery. Swelling and dis coloration may occur around the incisions and subside gradually. You may experience decreased sensation, which is usually temporary, in your nipples or breast skin. Mastopexy scars are permanent but will fade to some extent over time.The position of these scars is usually discussed with the patient pre operatively.

Breast Reduction
Breast reduction surgery,also known as reduction mammaplasty, removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body .It does help in reducing the discomfort usually associated with very large breasts.

The surgery is quite similar to the breast lift surgery and is done under general anaesthesia.The surgeons makes incisions and excess breast and fatty tissue is removed. In few patients the breast may need to be lifted at the same time and the position of the areola and nipple improved. This is generally needed when the breasts are sagging because of age or excessive weight loss. Liposuction may sometimes be used to improve the shape of the breasts.

After the surgery,dressing and support bra may be given.Breast reduction scars are permanent and there may be problems with breast feeding.

Both these surgeries are routinely done at Image medical centre by Dr Anup Dhir
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