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Burn Surgery

Early skin grafting of burns is a well tried and tested technique and is done all over U.S.A. and Europe and in a few centres in India. Our skin is our greatest defence against infection as it prevents the infecting organism from entering our body.The advantages of this technique are : It reduces the chances of getting an infection. When this skin barrier is lost due to burn, the patient becomes susceptible to infection. The earlier the skin is restored by skin grafting, less will be the chance of infection.It also reduces hospital stay & prevents contracture formation. It is specially very useful for burns involving the joints, face and hands.

Except for the superficial dermal burns, all deeper burns like deep dermal and full thickness heal by scarring . This scarring can only be minimised by various physical therapy measures and plastic surgical procedures but not eliminated completely The scarring may be hypertrophic, keloid, stable or unstable, depigmented or hyperpigmented
The burn scars can be managed with moisturizing lotions ,pressure garment therapy,silicon sheet treatment,application of silicon gels,etc. Latest modalities are fractional laser treatment of burn scars and fat injection into the scars. However if there is scar contracture which is restricting the movement of a joint,it needs excision and skin grafting followed by physiotherapy.Very severe hypertrophic scars which are not responding to other treatments,may also need skin grafting.

Fat injection to improve the quality of burn scar is the latest tool in the hands of a plastic surgeon.The fat contains regenerative cells including adult stem cells and helps in modulation of post burn scars.Fat injections use processed fat from the patient’s own body to the hypertrophic and itchy burn scars. All types of burn & post burn surgery is available at our centre - For more information please visit www.burnunit.com